What We Do

SIB & Partners is a boutique firm providing company administration services internationally.

We help companies with their international expansion, helping them set up for business in new markets. At SIB & Partners, we are dedicated to taking care of all your administrative and compliance requirements so that you can focus on your core business activities.

Setting up a business in another country requires navigating potentially complex bureaucracy. We take the pain out of that by ensuring that our clients are properly and legally set up for doing business in that market.

We can also help with your day-to-day administration and accounting, as well as assisting with the company secretarial, payroll and tax compliance matters. Most clients choose to outsource their back-office operations to us. However, increasingly, many of our clients also prefer to insource our staff to their office so they can work on their specific systems, giving them more control over operations.


Our Story

In 2013, we started SIB Asia in Singapore with the aim of helping European companies move into Asia. After having gathered many years of experience with the big firms, we really wanted to make a difference. So we set out to assist companies with their expansion with a refreshing approach. We began offering full services at fixed fees with complete transparency. This worked wonders, and we now have clients from a wide range of sectors and multiple geographies, as well as local entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Five years down the road (in June 2018), we rebranded as SIB & Partners to showcase our international presence. Besides our SIB offices in Australia, Singapore and Switzerland, we partner with like-minded businesses in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

Where To Find Us

Looking to expand throughout the world? From Asia to Europe, from Europe to Australia, we can get your business up and running wherever you need to be.

We have SIB and Partner offices in the following countries:

If you don't see your countries of operation above, get in touch with us at info@sibandpartners.com and we will surprise you with our resourcefulness!


How We Give Back

We believe that companies should give back to society. We are doing our part by supporting two non-profits whose causes are close to our heart.

Room to Read is a leading non-profit organisation focusing on literacy and gender equality in education in low-income countries. SIB has supported Room to Read since 2012 on different occasions with donations and sponsorship.

Enabling Leadership Foundation is a non-profit with a mission to instil leadership qualities in underprivileged children, especially in Asia, through innovative and creative programmes. SIB has supported Enabling Leadership since its inception with administrative and legal support services, and continues to do this so that all raised funds can be spent on the foundation’s dedicated causes.

Happy Clients

Here’s what our satisfied clients have to say about us!

  • “Matt and his team have shown a strong dedication to fulfil our requirements to set up our Singapore company. They are client-focused, straightforward and efficient with a clear and transparent pricing approach. I would recommend SIB to any clients looking for bespoke and pragmatic solutions.”
    ~Chris Sierro, Co-CEO & Founding Partner, GADD INFINUM SA
  • “SIB has provided us with a one-stop solution to set up operations in Singapore. That included incorporation, work passes, bank accounts and bookkeeping. Comms are swift so we can focus on our biz!”
    ~Volker Breuer, Co-Founder, su93rheroes
  • “SIB assisted us with setting up our first office in Asia. The level of service and knowledge of the market and all the needed licenses keeps on surprising us. SIB is always available and always thinking one step ahead. You can ask anything, anytime, anywhere and they assist or connect you with the relevant people.”
    ~Dennis van Marle, Managing Partner, rb2
  • “SIB offers great round-the-clock services and support which made setting up Open Wear in Singapore the easiest part of running a business.”
    ~Martijn Jegerings, Co-Founder, Open Wear
  • “SIB has been essential for the setting up of our Singapore company and very supportive to our ongoing growth in Asia.”
    ~Martin Hinz, Member, Executive Board, ConVista Consulting AG
  • “For years, we struggled to keep our accounting and administration functions up to speed and within our budgetary boundaries. We employed a few key staff and never seemed to be able to deliver our reporting and KPI controls on time. A year ago we decided to regroup and strengthen our focus on our core competencies. In this process we outsourced all our HR, accounting and administrative functions. At SIB, Matt Sibbing and his competent team have proven we made the right decision. We reduced our payroll and back-office costs whilst reporting quality and efficiency increased. I truly recommend SIB as a strong and reliable partner for any fast growing SME.”
    ~Jeroen van de Waal, Founder & Chief Orca, Orca Scuba


How to Reach Us

If you have a question or would like to enquire about our services, please fill in the form below, or send a message to info@sibandpartners.com.